Sunday, June 21, 2009

Review of Diffusion magazine and the latest books

There has been a lot of action going on in the bookstore over the last couple of months. We have added quite a few publications, so here they all are, and the good news is, that there is still time to get them before the summer. Enjoy some leisurly reading on the beach!

Review of Diffusion magazine

Elizabeth Graves picks up the first copy of Diffusion magazine and just loves it.

Mike Ware's digital negatives

Making Digital Negatives

Mike Ware's new approach to negatives.

siderotype report from Mike Ware

Siderotype Report 1

New e-journal from Mike Ware.

Diffusion magazine, volume 1

First issue of magazine on unconventional photography.

Will Dunniway The Collodion Photographer

Beautiful art in Collodion.

Looking for something else?

Here are more books.

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